SPI / RX collision test

spi_rx_collision_testDone collision test between SPI and RX in the comm driver.  The driver would receive RX signal any time, even while the host processor is accessing the driver via SPI to send or retrieve data.  Currently, the serial RX is handled in external input interrupt handler, so any bug in RX handler may break registers (i.e., states) for SPI communication.  I actually saw those bugs several times.  The bugs are fixed now and load test has passed.  In the test, the load generator keeps sending data via serial channel.  I’ve changed the timing of data retrieval in the host of the receiver so that SPI / RX collisions frequently happen.  Actually, they are happening every other packets in the test.  The test ran for 10 hours so far and there is zero communication error.  Session keeps going without freezing.

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